Dermatology Times – “HIFU offers visible improvements”

Dermatology Times – “HIFU offers visible improvements” 

The benefits of HIFU are continuously being highlighted by scientific and beauty publications and we came across another recently. A 2019 article from Dermatology Times gave some really positive reports from clinicians. 

Here are some of the key points made about the HIFU treatment: 

  • Two independent dermatologists who evaluated the HIFU patients three months post-treatment reported that each area improved 80% or more. 
  • Patient satisfaction scores at three months were satisfactory or higher. 
  • In no cases did evaluators see no improvement or mild improvement. 

Further to this, it was reported that “The ratings by both doctors were excellent in nearly 19% of cases, with the best results reported in the neck area. At least 66% of cases moderately improved, according to the evaluators. Patient satisfaction scores were highest, at 86.7% for HIFU treatment results around the jawline.” 

Dermatology Times – “HIFU offers visible improvements”
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