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Welcome to the ULTRAISER blog. Here you can find stories and information relating to our ULTRAISER product and also HIFU technology news. If you have any stories about your own HIFU experiences, we would love to hear about them - simply contact us.

How does the ULTRAISER P1 Device work?

The Ultraiser P1 device provides an at-home, portable solution for dull and tired skin.
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Looking After Your Skin In Winter

As the air gets dryer and the conditions become harsher, the wintertime can be a difficult time for
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Stress and Your Skin: Tools to Reduce the Impact

There are many factors which can negatively affect your skin and its elasticity, from sun...
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Preparing for and Aftercare for Your Home-Based Hifu Treatment

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatments offer people an ideal non-surgical, non-invasive
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Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

There are really simple ways to protect yourself against the harmful UVA and UVB rays.
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The Comprehensive User Guide to HIFU Treatments

A user-friendly guide to HIFU so that you can find answers to all your questions.
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Dermatology Times – “HIFU offers visible improvements”

The benefits of HIFU are continuously being highlighted by scientific and beauty publications.
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ULTRAISER at Beautyworld Japan West 2019

The ULTRAISER HIFU products were exhibited to an excited audience at Beautyworld Japan West
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Yeah Lifestyle – Better than a Facelift?

Yeah Lifestyle asked this question about HIFU - Is It a Better Option than a Facelift?
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Launching Portable HIFU Online

We have been working hard deliver a website that provides valuable information about the ULTRAISER!
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Browse our range of HIFU machines and accessories available now.

Ultraiser is one of the first portable, at-home HIFU devices used for anti-ageing and skin smoothing treatment. This product is considered a safe and effective procedure for tightening the facial skin at home.