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Welcome to the ULTRAISER blog. Here you can find stories and information relating to our ULTRAISER product and also HIFU technology news. If you have any stories about your own HIFU experiences, we would love to hear about them - simply contact us.

Why Men Need to Take Care of Their Skin

Skin health is important for both men and women and should be taken seriously
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HIFU and Double Chins – Safe, Effective, Non-surgical Treatment

There are a fair few reasons why people may develop a double chin e.g. unwanted weight gain.
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How to Tighten Eyelid Skin Without Surgery

As we get older and our skin loses its elasticity, it’s fairly usual to see some skin droop.
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Myth vs Reality – 3 Anti-Aging Treatments That Actually Work

It’s no secret that the signs of aging can be a source of insecurity for a lot of women.
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Ultraiser now offers NHS discount

At Ultraiser, we now offer the Blue Light discount card.
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Looking after your skin during the pandemic

Over a year into the Covid-19 pandemic, restrictions are slowly but surely lifting.
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Skin Secrets: How To Maintain Soft, Supple Skin

Maintaining soft, supple skin is one of the most primary concerns when caring for your skin.
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3 Ways the Ultraiser P1 Device Can Improve Your Skin

Our Ultraiser P1 device uses focused ultrasound to target the foundation below the surface.
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How will the ULTRAISER P1 work for me?

When focused ultrasound is used for aesthetic purposes, it works by using ultrasound energy.
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What You Need To Build A Basic Skin Routine

At ULTRAISER, we have collated these tips to ensure your skin is well-moisturized and looked after.
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Tools for a Stay-At-Home Spa Day

In a reality where most of us are stuck at home most of the day, we all need to incorporate a little
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How Ultraiser Can Help Combat Signs of Ageing Skin

There are many things that are unavoidable, one of which is, our skin showing signs of ageing
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Ultraiser is one of the first portable, at-home HIFU devices used for anti-ageing and skin smoothing treatment. This product is considered a safe and effective procedure for tightening the facial skin at home.