Ultrasound Gel

Price: £9.99


Maximises Ultrasonic Energy Transmission

TranShape gel has been specifically produced for use with the ULTRAISER P1 device and enables ultrasound transmission to the skin area being treated. Benefits of our gel include:

  • Safe and nonallergenic formula
  • Developed to optimize ultrasound transmission
  • Clear, non-stain product

Other ultrasound gels can be used with your ULTRAISER P1 product, however, we cannot guarantee their efficacy and you should research the product well before using.


  • Ingredients: Polyacrylic Acid, Humectant, Triethanolamine, Vitamin E
  • Size: 60ml 
  • Usage: Apply directly to treatment area. Remove with clean towel / tissue on completion
  • Certification: CE


For more information about the science behind HIFU, please visit our Technology page and our Certification page provides safety certificates include the CE mark.