HIFU Aftercare and Preparing: Before and After a HIFU Treatment

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatments offer people an ideal non-surgical, non-invasive alternative to skin tightening. Using focused ultrasound, the treatment stimulates the production of collagen, helping to firm up areas where wrinkles, dimples and sagging can occur.

HIFU is highly effective, and perfectly safe for home treatments using a portable HIFU device, It is not essential but following a few guidelines before and after a treatment will help it be most effective.

Day before HIFU treatment

As you approach the day of your treatment ensure that you don’t have any cold sores or fever blisters in the treatment area so that these can be treated quickly with an anti-viral medication. You’ll only be able to undergo HIFU treatment once these have disappeared.

Day of your HIFU treatment

On the day of your treatment, don’t apply any makeup or moisturiser to the treatment area. You will, however, need to apply an ultrasound gel to the area, so ensure that you have this to hand before you begin treatment.

HIFU Aftercare

It is completely normal for the treated area to feel a bit tender, slightly swollen and flushed or hot to touch. To help ease these minor side effects, treat the area in the following way:

  • Do not apply an ice pack as this can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment
  • Avoid using tweezers, waxes and depilatory creams until at least 3 days after the treatment
  • Avoid hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and heavy exercise for a couple of days.
  • Use only a light exfoliator and moisturiser on the day of the treatment, but after that your normal skin cleansing and care regime can be resumed.
  • Apply a sunblock with a SPF of at least 30 on the day of the treatment and subsequent days, to avoid irritation from direct exposure to sunlight.

For the best results, take care to follow the above guidelines and be sure to ask us for more tips to help you get the best out of your HIFU treatment.

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