What is HIFU? 

HIFU, or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is a precise medical aesthetic procedure which uses a highly focused ultrasound beam to heat a designated area of tissue. It is an incredibly precise process that has become a proven, trusted technique for treatments such as skin tightening and lifting. More information about the technology behind HIFU can be viewed on our Technology page. 

Experts in HIFU 

Cambridge Tech Ltd, the company behind ULTRAISER, specialize in providing HIFU technologies for use in aesthetic clinics and hospitals around the world. For many years, Cambridge Tech has been providing high-quality HIFU components such as transducers, controllers as well as complete HIFU systems to companies across the globe. We uphold the highest standards in all our products and services, and it is our mission to make HIFU accessible to everyone who can benefit from it. 

We have been working on HIFU technology for decades, from its first uses for medical procedures such as cancer treatments and brain stimulation. We have been developing components for these fundamental scientific applications for a long time and skin care was a by-product of the research and results experienced.


History of ULTRAISER P1 Portable 

The HIFU Pen System - ULTRAISER eHM15 was developed several years ago and is now used in a variety of beauty clinics around the world, including the UK. This versatile system has been used extensively to improve skin, including lifting procedures and skin tightening. 

Clinics using HIFU devices such as ours recognized the requirement for a treatment that could be used between clinical appointments to maintain or prolong the effects. This led to the development of a device that could be used away from the clinic by the treatment-users and then to a cost-effective treatment that could be used without the need for clinical sessions. 

ULTRAISER Portable device is now available as part of our mission to make HIFU accessible to everyone who can benefit from it.