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 I don’t know how I coped without it before!

"I have been using Ultraiser P1 now for just over 3 months, every 7 to 10 days and it’s working brilliantly. I would highly recommend it. I have already been getting some great compliments on my complexion and my skin now feels so much better than before. It looks more lifted and smooth and has a lovely glow. I don’t know how I coped without it before!"

- Caroline Dunkley


 My skin looks so much better than before...

"I was having different treatments for wrinkles. One of my friends recommended this product (Ultraiser P1). I have never used this kind of product so I was a bit sceptical in the start but my friend loved her machine so much and keep talking about it. Yes, it’s a great one. I have been using it for 8 weeks now and I can feel the change on my face. Wrinkles are way less now and I even look a few years younger. My skin looks so much better than before. This little machine is just amazing. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a solution for wrinkles. I’ll give 10 out of 10!"

- Ashley


 The deep lines around my cheeks are smoother...

"After using Ultraiser P1, I am totally happy with the results. My neck area looks different, and the deep lines around my cheeks are smoother, and my jawline is so much more predominant. Even my make-up looks more natural. Would recommend this machine. I’m 45 years old and my facial features look like in early 30′s. highly recommended. Definitely 5 stars."

- Susan


 Target specific wrinkles where big clinical devices cannot...

"I especially love Ultraiser’s versatile use because of the tiny circular aperture. I can touch awkward areas in the face such as around eyes. I can also target specific wrinkles where big clinical devices cannot do."

- Vicky


 The best portable home-use product I have ever known...

"Really happy with my results so far after using Ultraiser on my face and around my eyes. It’s only been a bit over two months and I can see results already. In particular, I had one eye (below brow) that was sagging more than the other, that eye has seen the most improvement and looks much more even now. Generally looking fresher I suppose is the best way to describe the results. My skin feels much tighter than before and my jawline is a lot better shaped after using it. This is by far the best portable home-use product I have ever known. I strongly recommend this kit to middle-aged women like me."

- Kimberley


 I keep getting compliments about my skin! 

"I have recently lost quite a bit of weight which is great! But I’ve noticed the elasticity of my skin has changed and I looked tired. I started doing some research on different ways/treatments to help tighten and refresh my skin, then came across Ultraiser and ordered one. After 2 weeks I could already see and feel the difference.

Now 3 months later my friends, family and colleagues all said I look great. I’m 47 and people think I’m in my thirties. I feel great too as my skin looks fresh. I keep getting compliments about my skin! It will keep getting better too, Love the compliments. All thanks to Ultraiser P1."

- Georgiana


 After only 4-5 treatments, I can see big changes...

"I work in an aesthetic clinic. So I am quite familiar with skincare technologies and machines. My colleague mentioned a new home-use facelifting device, Ultraiser P1. Because of the price, I was a bit hesitant, but I am a kind of early adopter in this industry, I couldn’t resist after all. After only 4-5 treatments, I can see big changes. Because of my profession, I compared left vs right and before vs after thoroughly. The most impressive parts of my face are smile lines and jawline. I can also see overall skin tightened."

- Soyoon


 Quicker results than clinic treatments...

"I normally see visible results several weeks after treatments at clinics. I can feel my skin lifted soon after using this little gadget. Awesome."

- Wei

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