Looking After Your Skin In Winter

As the air gets dryer and the conditions become harsher, the wintertime can be a difficult time for your skin. In this article, we’ve put together some tips and advice to help keep your skin hydrated and healthy throughout the colder months.

#1 Hydrating skincare routine

Whilst in the summer, your focus may be on products that limit greasiness and oiliness, in the winter, maintaining moisture is paramount. Many products, particularly those that are focused on exfoliation or hyperpigmentation, tend to contain harsh chemicals that strip your skin of moisture. Replacing products in your routine that contain alcohol and fragrances with cream and water-based products will help to keep your skin glowing and hydrated. A bonus tip is to apply a hydrating moisturiser just after leaving the bath or the shower, evidence shows that you skin is more porous and vulnerable to products at this time.

#2 Drinking water

Whilst the water that you drink does not automatically improve the texture of your skin, drinking water regularly improves your skin cell turnover and leads to a correct moisture balance. Once the water is absorbed into the bloodstream, the hydrated cells can help nutrients reach the skin through proper blood flow, allowing our bodies to run optimally. This is particularly important in the winter, as the air is drier and dry air holds less moisture than warmer air. Lack of hydration can cause your skin to become dry, tight and flaky. Furthermore, dry skin is also more prone to wrinkling, dry patches and worsening skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

#3 SPF

Although, sunscreen is often treated as a summer issue, the truth is SPF is equally important during the winter, if not more so. SPF’s purpose is to protect your skin against harmful UV rays; usually, a proportion of the UV rays are absorbed by the ozone layer, the Earth’s sunshield. Unfortunately, the ozone layer is thinnest in the winter, meaning that your skin can be vulnerable to be agitated, particularly during the brighter hours of 10am to 4pm. Incorporating a SPF cream, ideally SPF 30 or above, into your daily routine will help to slow the impact of aging and wrinkles.

ULTRAISER treatments respond best when skin is hydrated and well-looked after so following these tips alongside your ULTRAISER treatments will maximise your results.

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