Supple Skin Secrets: How To Maintain a Soft Skin?

Maintaining soft, supple skin is one of the most primary concerns when caring for your skin and appearance. In this article, Ultraiser have put together some tips to take into consideration when looking after your skin.

A regular skincare routine 

As time passes, skincare routines have become more complicated as research develops, however, what remains the same is that these active ingredients take time to work. Building a skincare routine that is short enough that you can commit to, and applying products each morning and night can have a huge effect on the appearance on your skin. Expecting amazing results overnight often leads to disappointment, but investing time and discipline is the most effective thing to keep in mind when using a new skincare routine.


What goes into your body has an effect on the outer appearance of your skin. Hydration is an important part of your overall health from removing waste from your body to improving the function of your organs. It is often forgotten that your skin is your body’s largest organ. 

Healthcare professionals recommend that men consume 3.7 litres of water per day, and 2.7 litres for women. When your skin is performing at its best, it will be clearer in its appearance. Skin that is not hydrated will not only become dull, rough, and flaky but it will increase the visible signs of ageing. 


Sun exposure and tanning are one of most common reasons for premature aging, as well as leading to dry and dull skin. Outside of aesthetic reasons, over-exposure to sun increases the risk of skin cancer. Sunscreen works by protecting your skin against the broad spectrum of harmful UV rays. As summer draws closer, consider options like fake tan as an alternative if you like a more bronzed look. 

Ultraiser P1 device

The Ultraiser P1 device uses one of the beauty industry’s best kept secrets, focused ultrasound to re-surface the skin by targeting below the dermis. Our device has been optimally designed for treatments around the eyes and curved areas of the face, reducing wrinkles, smoothing out skin, tightening sagging skin and bags under the eyes and lifting cheeks, eyebrows and eyelids. The ergonomically designed device is ideal for home use, giving anyone the option to improve their skin from the comfort of home.

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