Yeah Lifestyle – Better than a Facelift?

Yeah Lifestyle – Better than a Facelift? 

We came across an interesting article from Yeah Lifestyle magazine at the tail-end of 2019 which gave a sensible comparison of HIFU treatment vs surgical facelifts. 

Yeah Lifestyle asked this question about HIFU - Is It a Better Option than a Facelift? 

The article notes that the answer depends “on what your priorities are” but added that “treatments do have some significant health advantages over traditional facelift surgeries”. 

The advantages listed included: 

  • No significant pain and minimal risks, during and after the procedure 
  • Non-invasive process and costs significantly less than facelift surgery 
  • Zero recovery time; you go wherever you want right after the session 
  • There is no chance of bleeding, infections, blood clots, scarring or severe pain, unlike in a facelift surgery, where all of these are risks to consider 

While the lasting effects of surgical facelifts maybe longer, the article goes on to state that “… in general, HIFU treatments are definitely the safer and healthier option of the two by far.”